M-10 bietet Projekt- oder Masterarbeit

M-10 bietet Projekt- oder Masterarbeit

Modellierung eines Containers mit FE mit gemessenen Materialkennwerten für
Simulationen von Tragfähigkeit und Schäden. /

Modelling of a container with FE with measured material data for the simulation
of bearing capacity and damages.

In order to investigate the bearing capacity a numerical finite element model of a
container is to be built in LS-Dyna. Material properties from specimen tests
conducted in our laboratory are available and need to be incorporated.
One major challenge is the modelling of the container doors which is one of the most
important parts in this study.
The bearing capacity of a container door and its contribution to the global strength is
different than of a wall, but the question is how. The objective is to model this in a
simplified way and to evaluate the modelling approach.
Hence, this project is based on the following tasks:

  1. Reading and analysis of the state of the art
  2. FE Modelling of a container where experimental data can be incorporated
  3. Assessment of the modelling of the doors (including a parameter study)
  4. Validation of the container model with experiments and / or simulations fromthe literature

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